Memoir Blog

“Who Stole My Country” is a memoir series tracing my life from my 1935 birth to the current day.

Chapter 1 – Origins

Chapter 2: Family History [1840s-1890s]

Chapter 3: Family Values

Chapter 4: Sacrifice

Chapter 5: Patriotism and Victory Gardens

Chapter 6: Free Range Kids

Chapter 7: Schooling

Chapter 8: End of World War II

Chapter 9: Sunday Drives

Chapter 10: Paradise Lost

Chapter 11: Notes in a Bottle

Chapter 12: New Kid in Town

Chapter 13: I Become a Reader

Chapter 14: 1948 Election

Chapter 15: Eddie and Katie

Chapter 16: California

Chapter 17: Sounds of Silence

Chapter 18: Anti-Communist Crusade

Chapter 19: Eisenhower

Chapter 20: Society of Cynics

Chapter 21: Sex

Chapter 22: Wilderness

Chapter 23: Leaving High School

Chapter 24: Legacy

Chapter 25: Reed College

Chapter 26: Tom Lehrer

Chapter 27: Mort Sahl

Chapter 28: Folk Music

Chapter 29: Leaving Reed

Chapter 30: Europe

Chapter 31: Spain

Chapter 32: Madrid 

Chapter 33: Clandestine

Chapter 34: Back to Reed

Chapter 35: Literature

Chapter 36: Philosophy

Chapter 37: Peace

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