Television productions include:

Ryad, Saudi Arabia

Ryad, Saudi Arabia

Royal Family of Saudi Arabia  

Director, Writer, Producer of a three hour series on the al Saud family, the longest reigning monarchy in the world.  Filmed in HD and utilizing never before seen archival footage.  In production.




Prince Bandar in Flight

Prince Bandar in Flight

Arabian Winds 

Two Saudi Arabian princes and a British pilot set out from Riyadh on an unprecedented adventure in aviation, a five thousand kilometer glider expedition across the deserts and mountains of Saudi Arabia. The territory was spectacularly beautiful and much of it utterly unforgiving.   Arabian Winds is the thrilling story of their expedition, its triumphs, the wonders they saw and one near brush with death.  Produced, written and directed by Christopher Koch.

Kicking It! 

Follows six homeless soccer players battling poverty and addiction as they prepare to compete in the Fourth Annual Homeless World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa. Hailing from places as far reaching as Afghanistan, Kenya, Ireland, Spain, Russia and North Carolina, 500 dispossessed athletes use the level playing field of competitive sports to regain their dignity and transform their lives. Contributing Producer, this film was directed by my wife and partner Susan Koch.        

America: Told One Person at a Time 

Senior Producer on a twenty-six half-hour programs profiling extraordinary Americans filmed entirely in 35mm.  Broadcast on The Odyssey Channel (now Hallmark).

Reel Models: The First Women of Film

Features the fascinating and unknown stories of early women filmmakers through rare film clips, archival footage, and interviews.  Executive Produced and hosted by Barbra Streisand together with Shirley MacLaine, Susan Sarandon, Hilary Swank, and Minnie Driver.  Premiered on American Movie Classics May 2000.  Winner of a 2001 EMMY Award.  Christopher Koch, producer/writer.

City at Peace

From first audition to opening night, this film chronicles the making of an original musical based on the lives of sixty Washington, DC teenagers.  During the course of the year, this cross section of American youth overcome difference of race and class to discover a common humanity. Premiered at the1998 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.  Broadcast premier on HBO on May 1st, 1998. Christopher Koch, producer. Susan Koch, Director.  Executive Producers: Barbra Streisand and Cis Corman.

Amazing Destinations

Series producer on thirty half-hour programs focusing on fascinating places around the world.  Produced in association with Conde Nast and broadcast on the Travel Channel during 1998.

Sky Archaeology

Directed this one-hour science adventure.  We trekked 45 miles through the Guatemalan rain forest to discover an ancient, lost Mayan city first observed from 22 miles in space.   The Learning Channel, August 1998.

Killer Whales of Tysfjord

Directed this National Geographic Explorer special.  Five hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, underwater cameramen capture never-before-seen images of Killer Whales as they mate, mourn their dead, and herd thousands of herring in a feeding frenzy.  Spring 19977.

Arctic Adventure 

Directed this hour special produced for Audubon and Turner Original Productions.  Native American actor Graham Greene visits an international Arctic Park that will span the Bering Sea and include parts of Russia and Alaska.  April 1997, on TBS.

D.C. Follies 

Directed and wrote an hour special for American Movie Classics about how Hollywood has viewed American politics from the silent films of the 1920s to today.  First broadcast October 1996.

Jobs:  Not What They Used to Be 

Produced, directed, and wrote an hour special for public television on the future of work.  Hosted by Hodding Carter.   Broadcast on public television in the spring of 1996.

Blacklist: Hollywood on Trial

Directed and wrote a ninety-minute documentary on the Hollywood blacklist of the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Hosted by Alec Baldwin and featuring readings by Morgan Freeman, Rob Reiner, and Martin Sheen.  Broadcast on American Movie Classics on February 27, 1996.  Winner of a 1996 Rockie Award for Best Arts Documentary at the Banff Television Festival.  Winner of the 1996 prime time Emmy Presidential Award and nominated for 2 other national Emmys.


Produced, directed, and wrote a one-hour special in association with Time Warner’s The News Exchange for broadcast on the Discovery Channel, April 5, 1995. 

Normandy: The Great Crusade

Directed and wrote a two-hour special commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe. The program premiered on the Discovery Channel on May 30, 1994.  It has been broadcast internationally, distributed on home video and in a CD-ROM version, and is a winner of the 1994 George Foster Peabody Award.  Narrated by Charles Durning.


Series Producer of a half-hour award-winning magazine program for The Discovery Channel in association with the Smithsonian Institution.  Five seasons (59 programs) and a one-hour special on Leonard da Vinci, Leonardo’s Legacy were videotaped on location throughout the world from 1990 – 1995.   The series was the Discovery Channel’s highest rated original series when it premiered.

People Count: The Facts of Life

Produced, directed and wrote a one-hour special on global population and consumption broadcast on Turner Broadcasting in connection with the World Population Conference held in Cairo in September 1994. Later rebroadcast on PBS.   Narrated by Alfre Woodard.   Made possible by a grant from the Pew Charitable Trust Fund.

Citizen Carter

Directed and wrote a one-hour special on former President Jimmy Carter broadcast in 1994 on The Discovery Channel.

Inside Story

Executive Producer of this weekly half-hour examination of the American news media.  Broadcast on PBS from August 1983 through November 1984.

I also produced two episodes of Inside Story.

Nicaragua A House Divided – a one hour special on the Chomorro family.  Broadcast October 13, 1983.  Winner of the 1983 National Emmy for Outstanding Background Analysis of a Single Current Story.

Inside The USSR– American journalists in Moscow.  Broadcast April 14, 1983 on PBS.  Winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award and a 1983 National Emmy for Outstanding Coverage of A Continuing News Story.

Crime File

A series of half hour programs on American Criminal Justice.  Hosted by criminologist and political science professor, James Q. Wilson.  Broadcast on PBS, 1985 to 1990. Over 50,000 copies had been sold from 1985 through September 1994, earning over $930,000 to the Federal treasury.

All Things Considered

The daily, two-hour evening news program distributed by National Public Radio.  Awards include an Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia University, a George Polk, and National Headliners.  Producer and Executive Producer from July 1979 to October 1981.

All Things Considered On Main Street

Produced a one-hour television special based on the daily news show.  Broadcast January 20, 1982.  Broadcast on PBS on March 4, 1991.  Winner of a 1991 Gold Cine Award.

Early Career

KQED-TV in San Francisco.

Koch was the station’s first documentary producer to field produce in videotape instead of film.  His program, One Step at a Time, on drug rehabilitation, won a San Francisco State Media Award for excellence.  He also produced The Fine Art of Goofing Off for PBS, three half hours of adult animation on leisure in America that was featured prominently in Life magazine.

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